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Update your headshots, and Elevate your business! Branding Photographer/Raleigh NC

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

What is a Headshot?

A headshot is a portrait of YOU, typically showing the waist up (Sometimes we bend on that rule). The point of a headshot is to showcase you in a positive light!

So now that we know what a headshot is, Here are FIVE reasons you need one or two ;)

1. Professional- Ok, let's be honest. Selfies are cute, but they aren't professional. The first time people "meet" you is often through your online profile. You want them to be impressed the first time they see you. Selfies are often overlooked. You want to stop someone in their tracks when they see your picture so that they are intrigued to learn more about you.

2. Updated picture of you- How beneficial is a photo of you from 5 years ago? You aren't that person anymore, and you are way more experienced. Show that in your updated photo.

3. Boosts your confidence- Building a career or business is a lot of work! Headshots are fun and show your personality! Be proud of yourself! Your photographer will work to ensure you look your best so that you can feel your best during your session. YOU want to be excited every time you see your photos.

4. Lasting first impression- We all are visual learners. A professional photo that wows goes a long way! It shows your personality and also reminds people who have met you of who you are. So make a great impression in more ways than one!

5. Show everyone how serious you are about yourself and your business.- If you don't invest in yourself, Why would anyone else?

Where can I put my new Headshot?

Headshots are great for…

Social media Personal and work email profiles Resumes Bios Websites

And so many other places! Contact us to find out more!

(We send you different crop versions of your photo so that you can post your image without any issues.)

Ready to book your Headshot session?

Have more than one outfit and need more than 15 minutes, or would like a Branding session for your business: Book a Full session!

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