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5 Things to consider when planning your Maternity Session/Raleigh NC Studio Photographer

Written By: Elana Mason

Congratulations Mama!! You are about to add a new bundle of joy to your family! As a mom, I know the excitement you are experiencing! From clothes shopping, baby showers, planning nursery colors, (PICKING a name) there are so many things to do. A maternity session is a fun part of this process. Planning your maternity session shouldn't be stressful. It is a time to celebrate this moment.

Theme-What type of theme are you interested in? Do you want your favorite color? Recreate a special moment? Take inspiration from your favorite movie or show? Flowy dress, casual wear? The ideas are endless.

Communicate your vision to us so that we can exceed your expectations.

Location- Studio, In your home, On location at a Park, downtown or anywhere else that is special to you!

What to wear- Typically maternity sessions include a flowy dress but the choice is completely yours!! You can wear a dress, jeans and a blouse, anything that makes you feel confident and comfortable!

Who is Included- Do you want this to be a celebration of just you? Would you prefer to include your family? Either way we would love to include all the special people to help celebrate this moment!

Where can I display my images?- There are numerous locations and places you can display your photos!

Baby book

Your child's Nursery

Baby Shower


Wall Art

Social Media Sharing

Share with your family


What type of session do you like the best?

  • Studio

  • On-Location (Park, Downtown etc)

  • Your home

  • Multiple Locations

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